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I hope you feel comfortble with our treatment.
Free your mind and release yourself from stress.

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(Patients with appointment are given preference.)

Treatment courses & fee

Massage treatment course
      30min    ¥3,150 〜    add ¥1,580 per 15min

Chiropractic & Massage treatment course
      30min    ¥3,150 〜    add ¥1,580 per 15min

Acupuncture course
      30min    ¥3,350 〜    add ¥1,580 per 15min
    (Disposable needles and various heat techniques used.  needles are inserted and may cause sensations of numbness, tingling or heaviness but,

help the body`s natural healing mechanisms to do their work.)

Aroma oil reflexology course  (Foot massage treatment) 
      30min    ¥3,150 〜    add ¥1,580 per 15min
    (We recommend this course for person who want to relieve the swelling and fatigue of their legs.)
    you can combine with other courses.

Facial rejuvenation  (Cosmetic acupuncture) course
      90min    ¥9,650
  (Acupuncture treatment for head,face,arms,legs,neck,shoulders is included)

Pelvis remedy after childbirth course
      60min    ¥9,450  (Including the pelvis remedy belt)
    (Using the chiropractic manipulation and teaching the exercises after childbirth for close your widen pelvis.)

Cupping therapy
       15min    ¥1,050
  (Suction cups are placed around your shoulder,scapula and behind your stomach to restore normal blood & energy flow.  Your body should feel much lighter after this therapy.)


☆ The privilege of first visit ☆

・ No initial consultation

¥500 OFF from any lessthen 60min course .

¥1,000 OFF  from any morethen 60min course.


☆ Reduced fees for students ☆

・ Students (including university student) are 20% OFF  from the fees.

 ※ please show your student ID.





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